Health & Finance Integrated works closely with not-for-profit and community organisations in many aspects of our work.

Many of our clients are referred to us by not-for-profit organisations, and we work with these organisations to ensure that our clients and theirs receive the best financial advice for their individual situations.

From our individual clients we understand how necessary not-for-profit and community organisations are to their lives – as supporters and as advocates – and we work hard with organisations to ensure that they are financially viable and continue to survive, even in the face of uncertain government and private funding.

Health & Finance Integrated is also a trusted advisor to many employees of not-for-profit and community organisations all over Australia. The HFI team understands the financial pressures and demands that not-for-profit employees can face as well as the opportunities, concessions and benefits available to them, and assists these employees to take charge of their own financial future.

Whether you’re a not-for-profit employee looking for advice for yourself or your clients, or you’re a CEO looking to ensure the financial stability of your organisation and staff, we are here to help you.

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Financial Planning and Strategic Financial Advice HFI

We provide comprehensive Financial Planning and Strategic Financial Advice that clarifies and provides direction in what are often complex superannuation, insurance, banking and business environments. Our needs change as our life situations change. It is difficult enough to keep up with life changes, let alone changes in legislation and the vast and bewildering array of available products and services. This is where our knowledge and experience guides you to the most fitting, easily understood, effective and comprehensive strategy to secure your financial future.

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