Do you have clients that are struggling financially as a result of disability or illness? Or clients that are confused about the complexities of Centrelink or stressed about their financial future?

The team at Health & Finance Integrated works dually in the spaces of finance and disability and are uniquely qualified to provide financial advice to individuals with a disability or chronic illness and their carers.

We have successfully worked with people living with a variety of disabilities and illnesses and their careers. Wether your client is a carer or a person living with an acquired brain injury, multiple sclerosis, cancer, a suddenly acquired disability or is a stroke survivor, we know how to help.

We appreciate that every person and every family has a unique experience in the way disability or illness affects them. Our advice varies from person to person and family to family. We adapt to each client, and understand and respect their beliefs, wants and goals.

We can speak with your client individually in a one-on-one consultation, or, if you find that many of your clients share similar concerns we can speak to all of those concerns in a seminar.

We can support your clients by:

  • Assisting them to navigate the complex financial, social welfare and social services systems
  • Ensuring that they are receiving the maximum benefits they are entitled to
  • Ensuring that they have claimed all of your outside entitlements, including from any insurance policies and your superannuation
  • Initiating and managing claims for benefits and entitlements
  • Consulting with dedicated tax and Centrelink experts
  • Finding ways that they can continue to work for as long as possible, or return to work as soon as possible
  • Managing their finances so that their savings can support them for as long as possible
  • Taking over their finances during times of crisis so that they can focus on other priorities
  • Acting on their behalf when needed, for example to negotiate with a bank or listing a property
  • Supporting them to find emergency housing or remain in their own home
  • Providing them with the use of our Client Mobility Car within the Sydney metropolitan area

We offer two highly specialised services which aim to make life easier, more engaged, and certain for our clients:

  • CarePlan is our financial planning and advisory service
  • ProAssist provides professional assistance and project management for those tasks which seem too complex or too time consuming to manage

Call us  on 1300 10 44 99 or email us at You may also send a text message to 0408 414 497 to connect with us.

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