If you have a client that is facing a financial crisis, or is simply unable to effectively manage their finances for a period of time, we can support that client through our ProAssist program. Through ProAssist we provide professional assistance and project management for those tasks which are too complex or too time consuming for clients to manage.

ProAssist is available to anyone who is concerned about results and wants things done professionally and efficiently, but it is specially built for those that:

  • Are feeling overwhelmed and are in financial crisis
  • Have special needs due to a serious health condition, ageing or disability
  • Are carers for someone with special needs or complex health conditions
  • Are feeling overwhelmed by multiple complex systems like taxation, legal, real estate, Housing, Centrelink, and Aged Care, disability or medical services
  • Are time poor and you want results.

We can provide assistance with:

  • Housing – Does your client need to sell a house, find less expensive housing, rent for a while, enter a retirement living home, negotiate with the Department of Housing, discuss housing options with family? Our ProAssist team will think outside the box to find the most suitable option for your client.
  • Dealing with government departments – We know the paths to cut through the red tape and gain results. We can represent your client, advocate for them and negotiate appropriate outcomes at Centrelink, Department of Housing and the Public Trustee.
  • Gaining the services your client needs – Service providers are busy people and often unless your client knows the questions to ask, the services they have a right to and the options available to them, they may miss out.
  • Legal, medical and accountancy issues – Does your client have unanswered questions in these areas? We have doctors, solicitors and accountants on our preferred professionals list who can provide your client with sound advice or we will talk with those your client already uses and trusts to find the answers to their concerns.

If you would like to request crisis management or financial case management for your client call us today on 1300 10 44 99 or email us at info@healthfinance.com.au. You may also send a text message to 0408 414 497 to connect with us.

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