As a not-for-profit employee we understand that you are hard-working and passionate about the work that you have chosen. We also understand that, while your job is rewarding in many ways, your wage is lower than it could be in the private sector and sometimes meeting your financial commitments can offer challenges.

At Health & Finance Integrated we want to work with you to maximise your income and ensure that you can keep doing the work that you love.

We have worked with many people employed by not-for-profits to leverage benefits and maximise their incomes and reach their goals. Take Jenny and David, for example. When we met Jenny she was 61, worked for a not-for-profit, and had $150,000 in super. Her partner, David, had $60,000 in super and between them they had a $60,000 mortgage.

By utilising superannuation rules, taking advantage of salary packaging concessions and tax efficiency, combined with clever investing strategies, we helped Jenny and David to pay off their mortgage and retire within 3 years with $390,000 in combined super. We also helped organise their finances so that that their income from Centrelink Aged Pension and their private income steam generates them almost $45,000 a year.

To find out how we can help you maximise your income and reach your financial goals, call us today on 1300 10 44 99 or email us at You may also send a text message to 0408 414 497 to connect with us.

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