As a CEO you’ve spent time and resources recruiting the perfect staff for your organisation. They understand your values and your vision, they fit well into the culture you have created, and they add invaluable skills. After a few years they have become an integral part of your team, but you’re aware they could make a lot more money in the for-profit sector, and you’ve started to worry that you can’t offer them enough to stay with you.

We know that you don’t have the resources to compete with the for-profit sector, however, we also know that there are ways other than a pay rise to boost the financial future of your staff.

We can work with your staff to benefit their financial future, and ensure that they can afford to stay in the job they love. We can work with your staff to make sure they are using their income efficiently, taking advantage of tax benefits, and using salary packaging effectively to get the most out of their income.

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Special Needs Financial Planning Services by HFI

Health & Finance Integrated is a Social Enterprise, and your staff will be dealing with a highly ethical business that donates a significant portion back to the community. If you have your own staff charity or cause you feel passionate about, speak to us on how we can support your cause.

But best of all, you will be in safe hands. We are recognised leaders in financial planning and the wellbeing field and won numerous government and industry awards.

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