New crowdsourced health website: Stuff That Works

Stuff That Works is a “platform for people to look up various health conditions, and then contribute their own experiences and treatment approaches while researching what others have done.”

According to the article, the CEO of the platform aims to create a space where people can go and find “real world evidence and patient-reported outcomes” that are relevant to each condition, to hopefully generate a deeper understanding of rare, chronic conditions. Stuff That Works has nearly 180,000 people worldwide contributing to the forums and sharing their experiences with others.

Read more about how Stuff That Works, works here.

Our thoughts on Stuff That Works

Having access to a community forum filled with individuals suffering from the same chronic health conditions is a great way to understand others’ unique experiences and share your own experiences along the way. Knowing that there are other people out there within this world who are going through the same situation as you can make you feel less alone and do wonders for your mental headspace.

Not only that, but a sudden onset of symptoms you might not have experienced before with your condition can leave you confused as to whether it is “normal.” At least with this forum, you may find whether others with your condition have experienced similar symptoms.

However, it is important to be mindful of the nature of the information provided and should not be used as a tool for self-diagnosis or treatment. If you’re seeking treatment for your condition, we urge you to seek professional medical advice as this will be the most reliable source of information. Please think of this website as a forum for people to discuss their experiences, rather than using it as a medical tool to treat your condition.

Check out Stuff That Work and join the community:

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