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I first asked for William’s help as I was diagnosed with MS and had some concerns about my finances and didn’t know what to do.

I found William through an MS Australian webinar. I found William had great knowledge of my disability which he shared with me and made me feel at ease.

My experience with William and HFI was fantastic. William is one of the most empowering, empathetic people that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. I would recommend HFI and have done to several people.

William has helped me gain access to finances I didn’t know I had or was entitled to. Due to this my quality of life has improved. I don’t stress about money as much; I can focus on the important things in life.

I could go on and on about HFI and William as I am so grateful and happy I found them.Marissa Porter, Sydney NSW

So glad a good friend introduced me to William Johns. My money was in the hands of a Super company who weren’t really doing anything for me. When I heard what William does for people I was amazed, especially those like myself with a disability. I had a meeting with William who explained what he could do for me and my Super and I said sign me up.

William has stayed in touch with me on a far more personal basis than my Super company by phone calls and emails about how the industry is going other than receiving printed glossy paperwork in the mail which I have no understanding about and not the least bit interested in. I would fully recommend any of my friends be a part of HFI for their own benefit and future stability.

So thank you William and a big thank you to my good friend Helena Hewish for connecting me with William. Just knowing that William is placing my Super in all the right spots and making good gains on my money.

For someone who had no interest in her Super previously, now I watch what’s happening in the world and take notice of the stock market a lot more closely. It’s your money people don’t let it go to waste. Thank you William. Great job you’re doing. Keep it up mate.Carol Duncan, Adelaide, SA

I have worked as a professional within the health and disability sector for 30 years. I have worked with many people with disability and illness who are as a result of their condition forced into financial situations they have no control over often due to their superannuation or financial institutions who have no understanding to their client’s disability chronic illness and provide very complex information with no assistance in meeting client’s needs.

As a professional, I felt helpless that I was not able to help to assist them until I meet William Johns. William has spent many hours of his free time to provide me with in depth information that is clear and easy to understand so I can then provide this information to the people I work with and assist them to alleviate their financial stress and worry. As a professional that is incredibly rewarding to empower the people who I work with.

William has also provided much of his free time to the people who I work with to provide them with advice that they are so grateful for. William was able to also help them to a much prosperous financial situation. William has empathy for the people I work with that is inspiring. Thank you William Johns.Hewish Helena, Adelaide, SA

My good friend William Johns and Health & Finance Integrated have changed the way I view Financial planning. He’s redefined what financial planning is all about and I would like to think I know, as like William I am also a Financial Planner. In addition to this I have a son with a chronic illness and William has always been there when I’ve needed help and advice. All he wants to do is help his fellow human beings and he has done this for me sharing ideas professionally to help me with my own clients and as a father, helping me look after my own son & family. His expertise and empathy puts him in a class of his own, a true thought leader and expert within the Industry. I enjoy working with him and watch with interest his truly amazing Social Enterprise grow!

Gavin Latz, Sydney, NSW
I have worked as a professional within the health and disability sector for 20 years. I met Will through my work and I admit to an initial skepticism around his specialty in health and disability as I had never met anyone in finance who claimed to understand the needs of anyone with a disability and actually did! After spending some time around Will and watching him interact with my clients with a disability and seeing first had the care he took and genuine empathy and understanding he had my skepticism was replaced by admiration. Will has a genuine heart for helping people with a disability and complex health needs and he has the intelligence and skills to back his compassion all the way. I watched him navigate complex negotiations with banks and insurance companies, lawyers and corporations with ease and grace. I was impressed enough to go to him with my personal finances. I have two children with special needs and am a sole parent. Will dedicated himself to achieving the best outcome for me and my children’s financial present and future. He researched my options tirelessly and went above and beyond his job description to ensure that we got the best deals possible. I recommend Will to all of my clients now and indeed anyone I come across that needs a financial planner that will go the extra mile with integrity and skill. Will is a genuine advocate for the rights of people with a disability and his actions match his words. I am grateful to have met Will and I feel a sense of hope for the future of my little family for the first time in a long time.

Libby Kinsela, Sydney, NSW
I received a compensation payout as a result of medical negligence which left me a paraplegic and amputee in September 2011.  My GP referred me to William Johns and within minutes he had explained to me in layman’s terms how he could achieve my brief, when none of the other planners I met could.  I dread to think what my financial and personal situation would be like just 12 months after the compensation payout and I thank God & Mr William Johns from the bottom of my heart that I crossed paths with him & the impeccable service of HFI.D. Levitt, Sydney NSW
When our youngest child Max was diagnosed with Autism early last year we were not at all prepared for the enormous impact it would have on our lives. There were so many new things to consider. Our first concern was obviously for our son and how we could give him the best possible chance at an independent, fulfilling and meaningful life. After trialling several different interventions we saw very little change. Finally, after months of research we found an intensive evidence based intervention that showed promising results for children just like Max. Of course there was a catch. The financial cost averages between $20,000 & $50,000 per year.

I initially contacted HFI looking for advice on accessing my super however after a short phone consultation with Will it was clear we needed to look at the bigger picture and seek solutions that would not only facilitate Max’s early intervention but also serve us long term.

Will has extensive knowledge and experience in the many issues families like ours face, not only during this early stage of Max’s life, but also the costs involved with future school placement, independent living and inevitably what will happen when we are no longer here to care for him.

As well as providing financial advice, Will is a professional and passionate advocate who displays a genuine desire to help others. A truly rare find in the world of finance and definitely not what I expected. In short, Will is one of the good guys! I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

Thank you Will!K. Mallia, Sydney NSW

For a little over a year now William has been providing us financial advice. William has demonstrated expert knowledge, professionalism and integrity in addition to being extremely supportive in helping us to achieve our financial goals. I would highly recommend his service.Michelle, Sydney NSW
Passionate, professional and principled are the key qualities Will brings to his practice as a financial planner. But of course Will is more. Will is truly dedicated to bettering the lives of those affected with disabilities – the individual, their families and friends. His own experiences provide him insight only those affected can truly understand. He knows financial advice requires an holistic approach. His unique and highly specialised offering through Health & Finance Integrated provides a platform for highly specialised skills in delivering a truly comprehensive financial advisory service. In referring my clients to Will they never fail to provide glowing feedback, particularly at the joy of being treated with dignity and respect while receiving intelligent and practical advice. It is a privilege and a joy to know Will and of course those who are fortunate enough to have Will as their adviser are equally privileged.Christine Smyth, Gold Coast QLD

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