Aged care accommodation is a complex area requiring a great degree of consideration. Whether you’re starting to research aged care options for yourself or a loved one, this can be a stressful and occasionally, an overwhelming time. We’re here to support you and your loved ones through this transition, and relieve anxiety wherever we can.

At Health & Finance Integrated we support you and your family in a variety of ways, including:

  • Determining if all or part of your accommodation costs can be covered by the Australian Government
  • Introducing strategies to minimise your fees
  • Working out how best to pay your contribution
  • Advising you on whether or not you should sell your home
  • Helping you maximise your social security benefits
  • Assessing your finances and investment options and maximising your income
  • Identifying the tax offsets that may be available to you
  • Ensuring you have the best insurance cover for your situation
  • Consulting with the Public Trustee on your behalf

Contact us today to discuss the aged care accommodation options for yourself or your loved one, and let us take some of the stress out of this transition. Our initial consultation comes at no charge unless otherwise agreed.

Call us  on 1300 10 44 99 or email us at You may also send a text message to 0408 414 497 to connect with us.

Retirement Planning

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