When our clients are vulnerable to complex systems, illness or disability, our advice and support helps preserve their rights and dignity. Comprehensive Financial Advice in the previous section is relevant to people from all walks of life and we apply the principles and our expertise in those areas for all clients as appropriate. In addition to this, for people who have special needs we have developed specialist expertise and knowledge.

Specialist Financial Advice - Health & Finance Integrated

You may be a person living with a disability or serious chronic illness yourself or you may be the carer of someone who is. Either way, we encourage you to put your health and wellbeing first. We listen intently and ask questions to ensure we understand your specific needs and goals. We use assistive tools, when needed, to ensure we understand one another. We assist you establish the balance between independence and appropriate care options.

While taking privacy issues into account, we involve families, carers and/or circle of support whenever possible and may consult with the governing bodies, such as the Public Trustee and Public Guardian if necessary. We support you to navigate the various government and non-government systems to maximise the funding available for costly interventions and to ensure maximum funding eligibility for general living.

Additional Services and Advice

  • Housing & disability specific accommodation
  • Care planning
  • Special Disability Trusts
  • Centrelink eligibility
  • Centrelink policy analysis, strategy & advocacy for persons and carers
  • Life & Permanent Disability claims & advice
  • Professional Trustee services and estate planning

Download the Estate Planning Checklist.