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Are you looking for an ethical financial planning firm to manage your finances? You’ve found us, and it’s great to meet you. Are you someone with a disability looking for a firm that can provide the specialist support and expertise you want? We’re here to work for you.

“I imagine a world that is accessible to all. A world that embraces our differences. If we make a truly accessible world, the concept of disability would not exist. I hope I can play some part in this Vision.”

William Johns, HFI Founder

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“William has helped me gain access to finances I didn’t know I had or was entitled to. Due to this my quality of life has improved. I don’t stress about money as much; I can focus on the important things in life. I could go on and on about HFI and William as I am so grateful and happy I found them.”

Marissa Porter, Client

“I recommend Will to all of my clients now and indeed anyone I come across that needs a financial planner that will go the extra mile with integrity and skill. Will is a genuine advocate for the rights of people with a disability and his actions match his words. I am grateful to have met Will and I feel a sense of hope for the future of my little family for the first time in a long time.”

Libby Kinsella, Client

“William has stayed in touch with me on a far more personal basis than my Super company by phone calls and emails about how the industry is going other than receiving printed glossy paperwork in the mail which I have no understanding about and not the least bit interested in. I would fully recommend any of my friends be a part of HFI for their own benefit and future stability.”

Carol Duncan, Client

We work hard with every single one of our clients to provide them with the best financial planning and advice we possibly can, and we know that we do a fantastic job.

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How We Managed to Obtain $270,000 for Jemma

Jemma is a young woman, unemployed and on Centrelink unemployment benefits when she fell from a 6 story building and became a paraplegic with serious spinal and organ injuries.

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