We understand that trustees have a very important role and must exercise a high duty of care in the execution of their role as trusted individuals on behalf of the beneficiary.  

At HFI, we recognise that many people find themselves as trustees by circumstance and not always by choice. We support many families and trustees execute their duties in accordance to the applicable governance framework in a way that gives them comfort and meets the beneficiary’s needs. 

We are across many types of trusts such as discretionary trusts, fixed trusts, Special Disability Trusts, Protective Trusts and more. We understand their limitations, tax implications and Centrelink implications and we often help the trustees choose the appropriate methodology to meet the needs of the beneficiary and the wider family. 

Special Disability Trusts

If you’re child has a disability and you want to protect their finances well into the future, establishing a Special Disabilty Trust will be beneficial for both you and your child.  

Special Disability Trusts assist with helping families financially plan for the long-term care and accommodation needs of a family member with a disability or special needs without it affecting their access to social services.  

In this short video, we explain what a Special Disability Trust is and how it can protect your child’s finances. 

Family Trusts

Fixed Trusts

Self-Managed Super Funds