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Have you been newly diagnosed with a disability? 
Being newly diagnosed can be a devastating time physically, emotionally, and financially for you and your family. 

If you’re still learning about or comprehending your diagnosis, it’s important to know that there are a variety of support services for you to access. 

So we’re here to help you find the right support for you.

Fill out the form below and we can assist you in finding the most appropriate GP, specialist, physiotherapist and/or support group to get you started in accessing the help you need! To tailor an answer to your situation, what illness, injury and/or disability have you been diagnosed with? 


    Improve my financial outlook after disability

    I have recently acquired a disability or chronic illness

    If you or your loved one has recently acquired a disability through illness or serious injury, we understand this can be a devastating time physically, emotionally and financially for you and your family.

    At Health & Finance Integrated we promise to work with you to understand your or your loved one’s disability, hopes, aspirations and recovery plans. Through honest conversations, and detailed planning, we will present you with personal advice that is focused on your wellbeing.

    I am living with a disability or illness

    If you are living with a disability or serious illness, we understand that you’re likely used to having to adapt to the world around you. At Health & Finance Integrated, however, we promise to adapt to you.

    Through honest conversations, we will work hard to understand the financial and lifestyle demands of your illness or disability as well as your unique goals, hopes and aspirations. We will do things efficiently, at your pace, to your needs and the way you want.

    At Health & Finance Integrated we are specialists in the area of chronic illness and disability. While other financial advisors do their best, sometimes you just need people who get it – and we do.

    We support you by:

    • Assisting you to navigate the complex financial, social welfare and social services systems
    • Ensuring that you are receiving the maximum benefits you are entitled to
    • Ensuring that you have claimed all your outside entitlements, including from any insurance policies and your superannuation
    • Consulting with dedicating tax and Centrelink experts
    • Managing your finances so that your savings can support you for as long as possible
    • Taking over your finances during times of crisis so that you can focus on other priorities
    • Acting on your behalf when needed, for example to negotiate with a bank or listing a property


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