Multigenerational wealth transfers

Planning ahead with terminal illness

Looking after Carers

Our work often considers the long-term impact of serious illness or disability on the family unit. It is important that we encourage members of our client’s family to engage in the process because they often make significant personal and financial sacrifices.

If we can understand the family dynamic and who provides support, we can identify entitlements and financial assistance for carers to take the pressure of the family.

A “no martyr” approach means that we endeavor to ensure each person that is impacted by the decisions taken is financially secure while the collective support each other.

Our processes take into account each family member and how the financial and social welfare system may impact them, their goals and aspirations.

Example of Carer Services 

  • Centrelink Carer Payment & Allowance eligibility and other government entitlements;
  • Advocacy and support in NDIS reviews where packages are reduced due to the presence of carers
  • Analysis of the health and ability of the carer to continue working; and
    Preservation of entitlements should they feel burn-out or want to reduce hours of work.