Have you been newly diagnosed with a disability?

We understand that being newly diagnosed can be a devastating time physically, emotionally and financially for you and your family.

It’s normal for someone who is still learning about their disability to want to reach out to a variety of support services and gain support.

So we’re here to help you find the right support tailored towards you and your disability!

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Fill out the form below and we can assist you in finding the most appropriate GP, specialist, physiotherapist and/or support group to get you started in accessing the help you need!

To tailor an answer to your situation, what illness, injury and/or disability have you been diagnosed with?


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    Preparing for a financial future.

    Despite recently acquiring a disability, it will benefit you to know what financial services you can enquire about or access if in the future you have to drop your hours at work or stop working due to your condition. Here are a some financial services you may consider investigating:

    If you’re wanting extra financial support but you’re not sure where to start, head to Centrelink

    Finding out what insurance is held within your superannuation will help you start a financial plan. Head to ClaimRight today.

    Access government support services such as NDIS to gain extra support services.

    Why choose Health and Finance Integrated


    Specialised Financing Planning and Advice

    What makes Health and Finance Integrated different is our level of specialisation and expertise. Our team comprises of industry leaders in the disability, medicine, law and financial planning sectors.

    We understand how your disability or medical condition can impact your lifestyle and adapt your financial plan to fit your needs.




    Listen to your goals

    What were your goals before you were diagnosed? Have these goals changed now because of your diagnosis?

    We listen to your needs, wants and desires. We tailor your plan to your specific needs you might require or simply want.


    Here every step of the way

    When we take you on as a client, we consider you as part of our family. We look after you, help you make decisions to support your lifestyle. Financing your life is an ongoing commitment, and that’s why we’re committed to you.


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