If you’ve decided to leave the workforce or you’ve already left due to your disability, you might start planning for an early medical retirement.

We know that planning for retirement isn’t an easy process and you might not have been prepared to retire this early in your career.

To take the guesswork out of planning for an early retirement, here is our approach to help you:

Our Approach.


Claim Insurance

Before we begin the process, give us a call. We’ll first ask if you have claimed any superannuation insurance benefits such as Total and Permanent Disability Insurance and/or Income Protection.

If you haven’t claimed, book in a FREE, no obligation 20 minute consultation with William Johns, the technical consultant for ClaimRight

Insurance entitlements TPD Income Protection

Employment contract


Review your employment contract

After claiming any insurance available to you, we will review your employment contract and identify entitlements within your contract:

  • Unpaid sick leave
  • Annual leave
  • Group superannuation policy
  • Employee shares etc.


Formulate an exit strategy

We will:

  • Help you decide when to exit your workplace
  • Call on employment law expertise if necessary to your exit
  • Support you with the exit e.g. drafting letters

Exit strategy

Planning your retirement

We will then provide you with financial planning and advice to establish a structured financial future as you head into retirement. Find the rest of the process below:

Wealth Preservation

Want to preserve your wealth and start managing your finances? We'll implement debt and cashflow management tactics and utilise wills and estate planning.


We'll review what superannuation insurance is available to you: Total and Permanent Disability Insurance Income Protection

Investment Advice

We'll give you investment advice and customise your plan based on your goals and beliefs.

Taxation Advice

We'll assist in providing a strategy for minimising tax implications on your personal income and insurance benefits

Centrelink and NDIS Advice

Navigating these social services can be complex. For this reason, we will assist in reviewing what entitlements via Centrelink and NDIS are available to you.


We'll review your housing options if you're thinking you might need accommodation to suit your needs relating to your disability e.g. mobility issues.

Your options matter.

Depending on the complexity of your situation, we’ll review your options, factoring in your needs and financial requirements for the near future and 20 years down the line, we provide specialised services such as trustee support services, expert witness reports (trustee & guardian, divorce etc.), Special Disability Trusts if you have a child, grown or young that has a disability, and we can also take on claims handing and assessments.

We have created an e-book that outlines the medical retirement process and how Health and Finance Integrated can provide you with the best plan possible through specialised financial planning and advice. Please find below:

Health and Finance Integrated team

Need Peace of Mind?

We understand how difficult it can be to make the time to create a plan and sort out finding support services for you and your family. This is why we want you to know that we can take on the hardwork for you.  

If you’re feeling unsure about where to start (as most people do), contact us today! 

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