Libby Kinsela

I have worked as a professional within the health and disability sector for 20 years. I met Will through my work and I admit to an initial skepticism around his specialty in health and disability as I had never met anyone in finance who claimed to understand the needs of anyone with a disability and actually did! After spending some time around Will and watching him interact with my clients with a disability and seeing first had the care he took and genuine empathy and understanding he had my skepticism was replaced by admiration. Will has a genuine heart for helping people with a disability and complex health needs and he has the intelligence and skills to back his compassion all the way. I watched him navigate complex negotiations with banks and insurance companies, lawyers and corporations with ease and grace. I was impressed enough to go to him with my personal finances. I have two children with special needs and am a sole parent. Will dedicated himself to achieving the best outcome for me and my children’s financial present and future. He researched my options tirelessly and went above and beyond his job description to ensure that we got the best deals possible. I recommend Will to all of my clients now and indeed anyone I come across that needs a financial planner that will go the extra mile with integrity and skill. Will is a genuine advocate for the rights of people with a disability and his actions match his words. I am grateful to have met Will and I feel a sense of hope for the future of my little family for the first time in a long time.