Companion Card

Did you know that the Companion Card is issued to people with a significant, permanent disability, who can demonstrate that they are unable to access most community activities and venues without attendant care support? It assists organisations that charge an admission or participation fee to comply with existing anti-discrimination legislation .

In the past, a person with a disability who required attendant care type support from a companion in order to participate at venues/activities has been required to pay two admission and/or booking fees; one for themselves and one for their companion. This practice is discriminatory because it has the effect of doubling the admission and/or booking price for the person with a disability.

Who can accept the Companion Card?

Any organisation that charges an admission or participation fee can accept the Companion Card and admit companions at no charge. Some organisations have already formally registered to accept the Companion Card.

Applying for a card

There is no separate National Companion Card.  Companion Card applications are assessed by the State or Territory you reside in. To apply for a Companion Card, go to the website of your State or Territory from the list or the map below and download the application form.

Australian Capital Territory   Phone: (02) 6205 4333

New South Wales   Phone: 1800 893 044

Northern Territory  Phone: 1800 139 656

Queensland   Phone: 13 QGOV (13 74 68)

South Australia   Phone: 1800 667 110

Tasmania   Phone: 1800 009 501

Victoria   Phone: 1800 650 611

Western Australia   Phone: 1800 617 337

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