Overcoming financial abuse

Community partner WIRE delivers resources and services to help those experiencing family violence.

WIRE – Women’s Information and Referral Exchange – is Victoria’s only organisation that provides information, support and services to all women, including transgender and gender nonbinary people, on a range of critical issues. 

Predominantly focused on family violence and sexual/gender issues, WIRE has been working over the past 10 years on understanding and deconstructing financial abuse. They have a range of resources to help educate and rebuild financial capabilities of their service-seekers, and the community at large. 

What is financial abuse?

Financial or economic abuse is a form of family violence. It can include a partner or person in a position of care withholding money, controlling all the household spending or refusing to include you in financial decisions. 

It can also be seen as occurring when one person has complete control over all financial access and decisions, actively keeping you out of the process as a means of control.  

Financial abuse can happen to anyone

This kind of abuse isn’t just restricted to romantic relationships. Financial abuse can also occur in family dynamics such as adult children caring for their elderly parents; or care workers caring for the elderly or people with a disability.

Want to know more? 

Visit wire.org.au/financial-abuse

Or call 1300 134 130 for a confidential discussion.