Top 5 questions I hear from new clients

Chances are, if you contact HFI, I will be the one you talk with. Even though everyone’s situation is unique, these are the top 5 questions clients ask when they take the first step:

  1. I’m worried about my future. How can I protect my immediate employment, family welfare, and long term financial security after a recent diagnosis?
  2. Life is hard. How can I survive and what is available to me when I can no longer work due to permanent disability?
  3. I love my family. How can I ensure financial security for my children as I grow older and they enter adulthood?
  4. The system is confusing and broken. How can I, or my family member, ensure Centrelink entitlements after an inheritance or unexpected windfall?
  5. As a person with a disability or complex health issues, is my money invested in the best way and are there entitlements available to me in Australia that I am not currently getting?

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