Hewish Helena

I have worked as a professional within the health and disability sector for 30 years. I have worked with many people with disability and illness who are as a result of their condition forced into financial situations they have no control over often due to their superannuation or financial institutions who have no understanding to their client’s disability chronic illness and provide very complex information with no assistance in meeting client’s needs.

As a professional, I felt helpless that I was not able to help to assist them until I meet William Johns. William has spent many hours of his free time to provide me with in depth information that is clear and easy to understand so I can then provide this information to the people I work with and assist them to alleviate their financial stress and worry. As a professional that is incredibly rewarding to empower the people who I work with.

William has also provided much of his free time to the people who I work with to provide them with advice that they are so grateful for. William was able to also help them to a much prosperous financial situation. William has empathy for the people I work with that is inspiring. Thank you William Johns.