Carol Duncan

So glad a good friend introduced me to William Johns. My money was in the hands of a Super company who weren’t really doing anything for me. When I heard what William does for people I was amazed, especially those like myself with a disability. I had a meeting with William who explained what he could do for me and my Super and I said sign me up.

William has stayed in touch with me on a far more personal basis than my Super company by phone calls and emails about how the industry is going other than receiving printed glossy paperwork in the mail which I have no understanding about and not the least bit interested in. I would fully recommend any of my friends be a part of HFI for their own benefit and future stability.

So thank you William and a big thank you to my good friend Helena Hewish for connecting me with William. Just knowing that William is placing my Super in all the right spots and making good gains on my money.

For someone who had no interest in her Super previously, now I watch what’s happening in the world and take notice of the stock market a lot more closely. It’s your money people don’t let it go to waste. Thank you William. Great job you’re doing. Keep it up mate.